Frequently Asked Questions

For Earners
What is Bitcoin (BTC)?

Bitcoin is an online and secure virtual currency. It is already accepted as a payment method by many many online and offline vendors. Check out to see where you can spend Bitcoins. Also, you can get a bitcoin wallet instantly on

What is BitcoBoom and how does it work?

BitcoBoom is an advertising platform where members can click ads to earn bitcoins or where advertisers can gain cheap exposure to bitcoin users. This kind of platform is known as PTC - Paid To Click. A good part from Advertisers payments are returned to members that view ads.

What do I get for upgrading to VIP member?

A VIP member gets multiple advantages over an standard member. A VIP member will earn double what a standard member earns. Premium members will earn 200% from their own ad clicks and 80% of their referral ad clicks as opposed to the 40% standards members earn.

Can I have more than one account?

You are not allowed to have more than one account per person. Our filters allow to view an ad only once per IP for 24 hours.

Can I withdraw deposited Bitcoins anytime?

Sure. We don't have limits of time for deposited Bitcoins. If you are changing your mind you can withdraw all your deposited balance anytime.

The ad is not loading. What do I do?

We have no control over advertiser websites and we can't prevent them from going offline. If the timer does not start when the website fails to load, try using another web browser.

My referrals/affiliates will expire?

No. You will earn for life from your active referrals/affiliates for every ad they will see.

How much do I need to earn before I can withdraw?

The minimum withdrawal amount is and all withdrawal requests are processed automatically. Users will pay transaction fees and to avoid paying big fees, we set fee to be minimal, with 75% chance for a transaction to be processed in the next 2 blocks.

How long does it take to receive my bitcoins?

All payments are processed automatically with a low transaction fee, but calculated to receive your payments in the next 2-3 blocks.

If I have more questions how can I get help?

You can always contact us at and we will be glad to help you regarding our website.

For Advertisers
What kind of payments do you accept for an ad campaign?

All users are here for Bitcoin and we are accepting only Bitcoins (BTC).

Is registration required to advertise?

Registration is not required and an ad can be created in 30 seconds.

Why are you asking for an email address?

An email address is required for helping you to see stats for your campaigns and will not be used for sending emails or spam.

Can I see how my website will be displayed for users before creating an ad?

On the "Create Ad" Page, on the right side we have a tool for testing websites. You can see if your website are displayed correctly and if is supported on our website.

How long do I have to wait for a campaign to complete?

Duration of campaign depends of user's interest about an ad. Targeted campaig will last longer. We suggest to use attractive and clear title/description for your website.

Payments for ad campaigns are refundable?

No, but if you made a big payment from mistake you can contact us at .

Where can I see statistics for my ad campaign?

You can see statistics from payment page. After the payment is confirmed, you will be able to see statistics about clicks for your ad. If you lose ad link, is possible to see all campaigns you made with an email address, accessing this link:

Views are real? Is there a fraud protection?

Yes. All views for your website are from real users that visit your website from an IP, monitorised by us for 24 hours. Also timer for viewing an ad works only if user is active on ad's page!

All websites are allowed for advertisment?

The following advertisements are NOT allowed: Adult (18+) content, Illegal products and services (drugs, organs, unlicensed weapons, prostitution), URL shorteners, Websites that never load. Also we suggest to test your website for Framebreakers with our tool from "Create Ad" Page.

How much I have to wait for ad approval?

Websites are automatically approved. However, any illegal websites will be taken down and no refunds will be given.